23 Features Of The IPhone 11 Pro & IPhone 11 Pro Max

Hi guys!Welcome everyone to YourTechNews. The iPhone 11 Pro has a plethora of new features packed inside here we are going to layout the top features of Apple’s top of the line handset starting out with the new colors.Speaking of video we have new audio zoom this feature allows the …

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Five Best Huawei Smartphones 2019

Hello Guys, There are a great deal of Huawei Mobile Phones accessible in the market that you can purchase effectively however the issue is that you don’t realize which are the Top 5 Best Huawei Smartphones that you can purchase whenever with no pressure so today I am going to …

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New Samsung Galaxy S11 Smart Phone

Hi! guys today we are going to talk about new Samsung S11. Samsung has just Officially Announced the powers that will be inside of the Galaxy S11 bringing you the Samsung Exynos 990 Processor along with a 5G Modem.Samsung Exynos 990Exynos 990 is the name for Samsung’s next big chipset. It’s build on the most advanced 7 nanometre EUV …

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