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Artificial intelligence Examples

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence Examples:- Artificial intelligence (AI) has been heavily researched for decades, but it’s only in the last few years that we’ve really seen any concrete examples of artificial intelligence in use. In movies, games, and television shows, the expression “artificial intelligence” is being used almost every week. And while …

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Solar Computer invented by South African Engineers.

Africa’s infrastructure has always been underdeveloped, and energy shortages are also serious. Recently, however, an emerging IT company in Cape Town, South Africa has taken a different approach and designed its own desktop computer that uses solar energy . The company said the invention of the solar computer was designed to deal with the African energy …

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Dark Mode In Facebook

Millions of people use Facebook daily. Everyone wants something unique, something new, something good so facebook has come this time with something really good. They have been working on this project since months now they have completed this project but still they did not release this feature for all the …

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