How to Protect Wi-Fi from Hackers.

In this amazing article we will teach you, how you can Protect Wi-Fi from hackers or can save you internet. Nowadays Wi-Fi is increasing rapidly because everybody uses Wi-Fi to use the internet. We can say that more than 3 billion people on earth are using the internet and Wi-Fi is most common among them. So, Protecting the Wi-Fi is very important.

Hackers are targeting Wi-Fi because it is very easy to hack and can give hackers a way to hack your computer, network, etc. We will discuss a few methods which can be utilized to Protect Wi-Fi.

Use Strong Encryption


Encryption is a method in which data is encoded in a way that only owners or authorized users can see that data. This means if you have a password. “Hi, this is Password Completehacking”. But you want to need a method which can encrypt that message. So, only you can see it. Then you can use encryption techniques to encrypt it. After using encryption techniques, this password will be changed over to a garbled state like
“J+ykHHQIBPNfGTXx+NG0Btj19/aX0/W9zDp+6nubK+XsAJHAHMyFhAU2y+e85MzoIBnLvbOUfm+Wpz9xfFqklA==”. So, you can use encryption keys to view this message.

Using encryption is a very good step in your digital life. You can use encryption to protect data that is remitted over networks. Using encryption to protect your sensitive data can save your data from hackers.

You can also use encryption to Protect Wi-Fi. Modern Wi-Fi routers or Home routers support three types of encryption.

  • WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy)
  • WPA
  • WPA2

WEB (Wired Equivalent Privacy)

WEB was the first version of Wi-Fi encryption. According to weaknesses in it. It isn’t utilized these days. Hackers can hack WEB networks without much of a stretch by using a single tool. So, don’t use WEB encryption in your home or office Wi-Fi networks. WEB cannot Protect-Wi-Fi from hackers because it is easy to hack.

WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Network)

WPA is the updated version of the WEB or it is replaced by WEB. Because it uses better authentication then WEB. Because it uses a password in its encryption. Means if you use this encryption in your Wi-Fi network. Any user who wants to use your network has to type the password to connect it. WPA is also vulnerable to hackers because they can crack its password. I recommend not to use it in your network.

WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Network 2)

WPA2 is the latest version of Wi-Fi encryption. It is strong then WEB and WPA. But not secure. It also uses a password in its encryption. Please use WPA2 encryption on your wireless networks to Protect Wi-Fi from hackers.

I said it is not secure. This means hackers can hack it by using a dictionary containing a password. But you can still protect it by using a strong password. Yes, please use a strong password in your wireless network. Your password should contain a combination of numbers, letters, and symbols. Should have up to 32 words. So, no one can hack your Wi-Fi. If you use a strong password.

Avoid Mac Filtering

What is the MAC?

MAC (Media Access Control) is a combination of 12 hexadecimal digits.


Every device connected to the internet has a unique MAC address. MAC address is used to identify devices on the internet. MAC is responsible of data transmission over networks. This means if one device sent data to another device it done by MAC address. Because the sender device will identify the MAC address of the destination device and send data to it.

Please don’t use MAC filtering in your Wi-Fi networks. Because by using MAC filtering your router will only connect devices that you add in the MAC filter. This can give hackers to hack your network by spoofing the MAC address of the connected device. So, using the MAC addresses will not Protect Wi-Fi networks from hackers.

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Updating Router Framework

The router uses a JavaScript framework to provide the user with a GUI (Graphical User Interface) to manage their router. But these frameworks can be vulnerable. Because everyday hackers try to invent new vulnerabilities. So, you have to update your router framework completely. Companies that provide network device updates or patch vulnerabilities in their devices. The updating framework can Protect Wi-Fi from hackers.

Enabling Firewall

A firewall is responsible for monitoring the traffic of your network. It cloud be software or hardware.

Firewall can protect your computer for hackers because disable the unauthorized access to your computer.


Please enable a firewall in your Wi-Fi network to protect it. Firewalls can protect Wi-Fi from hackers because it blocks the bad traffic to your network.

Now we have discussed how we can Protect Wi-Fi. Protecting your network from hackers is a very difficult task but if you are strong and clever then no one can hack you. Follow the steps below carefully and try to understand them. So, you can Protect Wi-Fi by understanding these techniques.

There are some other methods that can be used to Protect Wi-Fi. Like, you can hide your network name for better protection. If your router has a default username and password. Please change it to Protect Wi-Fi login page access.

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