Google’s quantum computers beat today’s most advanced computers.

Silicon Valley: In a research paper published in the latest issue of the world-renowned research journal “Nature”, a team of Google experts claim that they used their “Sycamore” quantum computer, which gave them valid result by after calculation in just 200 seconds. Even the most powerful present supercomputers will take 10,000 years to complete.

This quantum computer of Google has approximately 1,576,800,000 times (1 billion 57 million and 68 million times) more computing power than today’s traditional supercomputers. You can just imagine how much these computers are powerful.

This claim is so extraordinary that it has created a lot of panic for all the companies around the world who work for quantum computers because before that none of the quantum computers were able to reach the performance and speed of ordinary computers.
Nature has the highest position in the world of research journalism, but if this claim is proven to be false in the coming days, it can certainly do the worst to “Nature” reputation.

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The US Journal Financial Times also indicated to a similar article last month on NASA’s Technical Reports server, in which Google experts claimed that their quantum computer beat traditional supercomputers by “a big margin.

However, that dissertation has removed but six of them were left. However, after the publication in Nature, this claim has now available to the people with details.

Details show that Sycamore Quantum computer’s real power is “Sycamore chip”, which operates through 53 superconducting quantum bits (Q bits) that are interconnected which is really fast.

In an interview to the journal “Technology Review,” Google CEO Sunder Pachai proudly said that this quantum computer is like the first aircraft invented by the Wright Brothers which stayed in air for just seconds and reached few feet high. This means that work on quantum computers has already begun.

However, “IBM”, Google’s largest competitor in the field of quantum computers, responded in its official blog, writing that in this research paper optimization ( Other ways of improving performance) are not mentioned.

Therefore, “This experience of Google is a powerful demonstration of progress in the field of quantum computing based on superconductors, but it should not be viewed as proof that quantum computers have ‘overpowered’ classic/conventional computers. You can get more information about Google Quantum computers from here : Link

Indeed these computers could be faster than today’s computers but we should need to wait for the confirmation message by google. This is just a news by world most famous journal “Nature”. Comments your thoughts below about this news we love to read your comments also share this with your friends and family.

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