Best & Easy Ways To Search On Google

You can find any kind of information on the internet while having high speed internet connection during advanced technology. Within minutes, we can find content on complex academic topics where delicious recipes can be found. Google is the most important platform for surfing the Internet. One of the main reasons for its popularity is that consumers get customized information sooner or later, but there are a few ways users can find what they need in seconds instead of minutes. Most of the Internet is unaware of the methods given in the following. By following these methods you can do the job of surfing very easily.

1-Finding one of the twins If you want to find something and you do not know exactly what you want to search for many things, you have to search between different words or between different words ”| “And find out many things.

2. Find synonyms (synonyms) Search for any topic and related topics on Google. To do this, Google users have to add the word “~” to the word telda.If you search by typing healthy ~ food, Google will show you the principles of healthy eating, eating techniques and healthy eating options.

3. Do a search within the website If you only want to search results within a single website, you can search the website address space by typing the relevant word in the search bar. In addition, in Chrome’s address bar, Google will display all pages related to the word in this website by entering a space followed by a space after the website address.

4. Use a sticker If you miss one of the words in a sentence, it can be replaced by Google using the “*” sign. For example, searching yourtechnews * will show the results from all words after the Urdu point.

5. When many words are not remembered When a phrase is missing too many words, you can still get results related to that phrase from Google. For those where you have forgotten a lot of words, then you will have to search for the number of possible words in the bracket followed by Around. For example, I wandered AROUND (4) cloud. Finding I wandered Lonely as a cloud. Will get the results.

6. Use of time frames You can also get results for a specific period on Google. If you want to know about the scientific discoveries of the twentieth century, you have to search by writing “scientific discoveries 1900 … 2000”.

7. Title or URL search To search for the title of any article you have to enter the in title without any spaces before the search phrase. Similarly to search in a URL, you have to type “in url” without any spaces. 8. Search a C Websites If you find content you like from a site on the Internet, you can search for similar websites. For this, in the search bar you will find the URL of the website by typing related:

9 Full Joomla If you search on Google for a phrase, Google shows websites related to each of these terms. However, if you want Google to show only the websites where this phrase is written, you need to enter the phrase between the quotation marks.

10. Exclude unimportant words from the results If you want to exclude an unimportant or unnecessary word in the search results, just put a negative sign before that word. For example, if you want to search about books and also don’t want to be shown a website selling books, you can search by writing books -buy. This will give you box results that do not contain the word buy.

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